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The Cast

He is your typical red-meat-eating, allergic-to-sweat, yes-I-married-my-cousin rural bumpkin. He isn't the type to let his limited formal education stand in the way of faking being educated. All you need is a thick book and a couple of three syllable words. And besides, to some … Grade 6 IS a senior year.

Woody is the tenuous bridge between civilization's road and Boonieville's swamp. A relatively new resident to the town, he's torn between enunciating when he speaks and fretting over his comparable gum-to-tooth ratio. He is slowly growing accustomed to the concept of stubble and one day hopes to master the art of burping the alphabet in one continuous breath.

When the first post of the first house in Boonieville was hammered into the ground Clem was likely there to see it. He's that crusty old curmudgeon who never threw your ball back from his yard and his age is counted in eras, not years. He's estimated to be about nine and a half eras old.

In some cartoons this assortment of characters would be called 'filler'. Boonieville has no desire to buck the trend. Their names and backgrounds aren't particularly important since they're little more than comic support. If they develop enough of a personality they can apply to the artist for a name and a full time persona but for now just be ok with the fact you might never know the funny raccoon’s name is Harold (although it's actually Thomas).