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The Cartoonist

Charlie has had enough of both the city and the country to be able to tell the difference between a power tool and a parking meter (most times). He discovered a knack for drawing the first time he held a crayon he didn't eat. His acumen for writing came, quite frankly, in a drunken deal with the devil. In return for the incredible ability to write Charlie traded his eternal soul, the bone from a Persian cat's tail and three yellow sponges. His loss (he loves sponges) is your gain.

Charlie's work has appeared internationally in both print and online at such distinct places as CBC Sports Online, Sun Media, The Writer, The Hockey News, Canadian Living and Urban Male Magazine. In addition to Boonieville he presently runs a video production company which launched his first year golf travel show Highways To Fairways in 2012 and is presently working on a hockey documentary.