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You know the place. You either live here or wonder what it would be like to live here. Road signs outnumber people and wildlife outnumbers road signs.

It's that place where nobody needs a last name. After all there is only one Jim, one Roy, one Don and one Murray (admittedly having two Franks has been terribly confusing). Of course Boonieville is also the place where everybody seems to share a last name. You can date without ever having to leave the family homestead.

People aren't strangers here. Someone's always there, to cut down your tree, to help you move, to return your favourite shovel and to read your mail. All you need to survive here is a hammer, a chainsaw, a dog or two and lots of idle time and since unemployment is by far the leading employer in Boonieville there is no shortage of that.

Boonieville, the comic strip, was seeded in 1985, watered in 1990 and sprouted in 1994. It first appeared in the Haliburton County Echo and has appeared in dozens of publications Canada-wide since. While it has drawn interest from major syndicates, it remains a small-town feature for small-town newspapers (many urbanites just don't understand a good mailbox joke). Boonieville just might be where you live.

What They're Saying About Boonieville

"a welcome addition to anyone's neighbourhood."
- Haliburton County Echo and Minden Times
"..many chuckles for our readers."
- Eastern Door
"..the only syndicated cartoon we run. The characters and comedy could very well be local." - Stanstead Journal (Quebec)